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Dedicated to the Belief that All Children are Gifted and Talented, SuperKidz Kamp creates young leaders who have confidence, character and compassion, but some of our campers come to use with challenges.

On the first day of SuperKidz Kamp Audrey, a 13-year-old camper, came to me and said, "Doc, I don't trust anybody here, and I want to go home." With both of her parents in jail, I understood why she was mistrustful. But, at the end of the week, she came to me and said, "Doc, can I be a counselor in training next summer?" And later that year, Audrey's grandmother asked me, "What did you do to her up there? " Her attitude improved at home and in school as did her academic performance, so much that she was offered several academic scholarships.

And then there is Kathy who had a chip on her shoulder a mile long and did not want to attend SuperKidz Kamp. He was angry with her mother, angry with her caseworker and angry with us. It took one of our counselors over 20 minutes to get her to walk 50 feet. Because of the SuperKidz Kamp experience, she dropped the chip and opened up. She shared with her cabin mates that her best friend died a few months earlier from an overdose. The tears from the pain flowed. But at the end of the week, during our SuperKidz Kamp Kabaret, Kathy was performing on stage like Beyoncé and on Saturday she told her apprehensive mother, "I had a blast."

And finally, there is Michael. Michael's father died when he was a youngster. Even though he had a loving mother, he was shy and self-effacing. I'm pleased to say that blossomed. During our Kabaret, Michael shocked everyone with an assertive, enthusiastic and positive rap.

These are only a few of the stories I could share and I'm asking you to join in helping me create more of these stories by making a contribution. Your contribution will go 100% to supporting the tuition of a camper who hopefully will make us both proud.

Please help me help our children discover that they too are Gifted and Talented.

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